CDL 18: The Van Allen Belt

The Van Allen Belt

It is believed that protons of energies exceeding 50 MeV are the result of the beta decay of neutrons created by cosmic ray collisions with nuclei of the upper atmosphere. The source of lower energy protons is believed to be proton diffusion due to changes in the magnetic field during geomagnetic storms.

CDL 17: Sun

Summer park, a place for ice-cream skin games, as long hours and warm weather slowly roast the lanes.

CDL 16: A Series of Short Arguments

The struggle with loved ones, the frank exchanges, the everyday battle of wills, the raised voices, the quiet menace, the sarcasm and the battles won and lost.

CDL 15: Ghost Fishing

Turning through the sonic pages of memory, guiding the hand of the fisherman to catch the spectre of the lost soul.


Next-generation DNA sequencing has the potential to dramatically accelerate biological and biomedical research, by enabling the comprehensive analysis of genomes, transcriptomes and interactomes to become inexpensive, routine and widespread, rather than requiring significant production-scale efforts.

CDL 12: Vacances et Voyages

We travel and only sometimes seem to arrive, the longest journey our ultimately unknowable destination. The only thing that remains for us is to observe the winds and currents which hinder or assist our passage.

CDL 11: Nearer, Françoise

Learning the language of modern art is like renting a room in a foreign city. If you don’t know what the questions mean, you might end up in the basement. If you know what the questions mean, you might choose the basement anyway.

Cinema du Lyon Podcast Number Ten


After all this time, when time means the most, deliverance is mine and it remains, here …

Cinema du Lyon Nine

‘Headland’ – walking near the edge and feeling fine.