The Magnetic Moment of the Antiproton

‘The Magnetic Moment of the Antiproton’ is the second album by Cinema du Lyon released February 11, 2021 and available here.

The antiproton is the antiparticle of the proton. Antiprotons are stable, but they are typically short-lived, since any collision with a proton will cause both particles to be annihilated in a burst of energy. The determination of the magnetic moment of a single trapped particle is based on the measurement of two characteristic frequencies, the cyclotron frequency, which describes the particle’s revolutions per second in the magnetic field of the Penning trap, and the second, the precession frequency of the particle’s spin.


All compositions written, recorded and produced by Cinema du Lyon. Vocal performance on ‘The Magnetic Moment of the Antiproton’ by Charley Barley. Film excerpts on ‘Do It Now’ are public domain. Piano on Le Voleur de Vélos is played by the Bicycle Thief. Thanks to Stan Koretski for being diligent, insouciant, and playing cards. Takk til mine gode venner Ulf og Jonas for inspirasjon og klok antifilosofi. Enfin et surtout, un grand merci à Hervé Bernard.

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